USB Sticks

We are now selling USB sticks!

On the packages that already include a CD full of pictures, you can upgrade to a USB stick for $5.00.  These packages would include the Star, the Mini-moon, the Moon, and the Sun.

The Moonbeam package does not include a CD, but you can purchase a CD full of pictures for $15.00 or a USB stick full of pictures for $15.00.


Christmas Hamper Collection 2015

We are collecting items for a Christmas hamper for a family in the community.

Starting November 30th through December 19th we are offering 10% off to those who donate either:

  • At least 5 food items, or
  • An unwrapped toy/gift
    • Single mom
    • Girls ages 12 and 14
    • Boys age 11 and 16


We are excited to introduce a new package on a trial basis.

This package will be a quick gender package & will be $75 plus taxes, it will include :

  • 2D imaging only.
  • 2-3 minutes long.
  • You will get a few black and white photos from the ultrasound machine.
  • NO CD or DVD included.

We are running a contest to name our new package. If you come up with the winning name you will win:

1. A gift certificate to Fusion Experience Restaurant.

2. One of our heartbeat animals.

3. A gift certificate for the Mini-moon Package.

This contest will run on our Facebook page so please make your way over there and comment on our post on Facebook for 2 weeks only, until August 14/15!


The winner will be contacted through Facebook and arrangements will be made there as well.

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our New Website and Facebook Account.
We Hope that you enjoy our new look.

Add us to Facebook and share us with your friends.

We want to remain family centred and look forward to meeting and serving your friends and family.

Thank you.

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